Mind & Body

Smoking Gun

By Tim White

Tim White advises a woman to draw the line for second chances when her boyfriend flirts with probation violation.

The Existence of 'God' Creates Human Meaning

By Nancy Ellen Abrams

Why humans created the emerging God and how the concept of a higher power has brought meaning into human life.

Cultural Creatives: The Awakening of Humanity

By Barbara Marx Hubbard

How new worldviews emerge and social change occurs, and how a new awakening is beginning from the ground up.

Lockup Taken Lightly

By Tim White

Tim White encourages a woman to make her boundaries clear to her fiancée, for her own peace of mind.


The Tell Tale Toddler

By Tim White

Tim White shares his insight on marriage infidelity with a student questioning her affair with a married woman.

Discovering Granada: Moving and Buying a House in Spain

By Steven Nightingale

A couple travels to Granada, Spain, in search for a new home and a new city to live in.

Using Communication Technologies Mindfully

By Jon Mitchell

A burgeoning collection of communication technologies is often blamed for decreased empathy and attention spans. What if the problem lies not with the technology, but with the attitude of the user?

In Any Light, By Any Name

By Alia Volz, from Tin House

As a father looks to the stars for meaning, a daughter just wants him to be her dad.

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