Mind & Body

Paper Mooning

By Tim White

Tim White advises a college student who's questioning her ethical standards after considering plagiarism.

Perfect Imperfection

By Sarah Gorham

The human capacity to imagine perfection sets you up for a losing battle. Sarah Gorham’s “Study in Perfect” offers a creative and emotionally poignant glimpse into the illusive promise of perfection, and the humanizing (and more likely) results of imperfection.

Utne Reader Bookshelf: Mind & Body

A selection of books that pique our interest.

Too Close for Kissing

By Tim White

Tim White shares his advice with a woman who’s uncomfortable with the type of physical affection common in her boyfriend’s family.


Go Fix Yourself!

By Tim White

Tim White shares his brutally honest opinion with a disappointed dad who’s ashamed of his openly gay son.

Living Slowly in the World’s Fastest City

By William Powers

One couple’s quest to live slowly and mindfully in Manhattan begins by moving into a tiny 12 x 12 apartment.

The Cuckolded Clothier

By Tim White

Tim White advises a wife whose sex life has taken a dive because her husband is aroused by used men’s clothing.

Finding a Dream’s Meaning

By Dawn Baumann Brunke

An animal communicator reveals her first remembered dream and analyzes the symbolism.

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