Mind & Body

Optimism: A Philosophy of Life

By Jurriaan Kamp

As a philosophy of life, optimism is a choice one makes in response to uncontrollable circumstances.

'Tis the Season to Be Way Too Jolly

By Tim White

Tim White advises a woman who wants to act out a sexual fantasy that her husband is uncomfortable with.

That Ship Has Sailed

By Tim White

Tim White offers his advice to a young man who fell in love at first sight with a woman whom he can’t seem to find again.

Dealing with Guilt and Shame Productively

By Peter R. Breggin, MD

Guilt and shame can prevent us attaining emotional freedom in our lives, but we don't have to accept their influence; instead, make a habit of dealing with guilt and shame productively.


A Good Night’s Sleep Is Hard to Find

By Soli Salgado

Interruptions throughout a night’s sleep can provide creative or inspired thinking—a norm that faded with the advent of electricity.

Becoming Barnyard Buddies?

By Tim White

Tim White tells a woman whether she should try to be barnyard buddies with her boyfriend’s ill-tempered rooster.

70 Seconds of Preventable Outbreaks Around the World

By Soli Salgado

Watch this video illustrating how diseases preventable by vaccination have spread dramatically.

The Benefits of Stress

By Kristin Sainani, from Stanford

Why you should stop sweating everyday aggravations and embrace stress.