Mind & Body

Bridging the Thigh Gap

By Tim White

Tim White offers his advice to a woman whose fiancée has a need for wide, open spaces and obsesses about her having a thigh gap.

Examining the Echinacea Herb

By Mel Borins

Draw your own conclusions on whether you should use the echinacea herb based on research on effectiveness and side effects.

Enhance Your Health With Traditional Medicines

By Mel Borins

A doctor explains why traditional medicines have not been widely adopted by Western medicine yet and why traditional healers still use them.

In Search of the Endangered Snow Leopard

By Eduard Fischer

Author Eduard Fischer shares the story of his pursuit of the elusive and endangered snow leopard in the Himalayas.


A Generation of No Religion

By Soli Salgado

Millennials are more skeptical of claiming a religious affiliation than previous generations were at that age. What could this mean for organized religion?

It Was Bronly a Matter of Time

By Tim White

Tim White offers his advice to a father whose daughter wants to attend a convention with much older “My Little Pony” friends.

The Science Behind Smiling

By Soli Salgado

Fake it till you feel it.

Gain Emotional Independence to Earn Happiness

By M.J. Ryan

Despite what our culture has ingrained in us, emotional independence is no one’s responsibility but your own.