Mind & Body

Connecting With Nature Provides Companionship

By Catherine Reid

A praying mantis allows one woman to connect with nature while living in Washington D.C.

Alice Walker: Finding Inner Peace and Compassion Through Hardship

By Alice Walker

How participating in the Civil Rights Movement led Alice Walker to find inner peace.

Disclosure Dilemma

By Tim White

Tim White offers his advice on disclosing a misdiagnosed condition to potential employers.

Your Mental Peak May Still Be Ahead of You

By Soli Salgado

With tests demonstrating that cognitive skills don’t dwindle with age, whether or not we can measure a “mental peak” is brought into question.


The Voice of the Divine Feminine

By Meggan Watterson

Finding the divine feminine can be as simple as removing the layers of doubt that limit us.

How Missed Details Led to the USS Vincennes Incident

By Viki McCabe

290 people were killed in the 1988 USS Vincennes incident due to the captain’s failure to perceive the data available to him.

Ups and Downs

By Tim White

Tim White reassures a parent that her son’s quirky hobby is nothing to worry about.

Seeking A Life That Is Spiritual But Not Religious

By Roger Housden

Secular spirituality is a way to steer a path between atheism and religion.