Mind & Body

Biopower to the People

By Mailee Hung

Fitness trackers are redefining what it means to be a human subject.

Your Cultural Attire

By Zahir Janmohamed

Conversations about appropriation sometimes miss the complexity of culture.

Your Inner Voice

By Andrea Owen

Learn to understand your inner critic and how you can transform your happiness by changing your daily thoughts.

The Utne Mens’ Saga

By Eric Utne

From an ocean away, two distant relatives discover that they have more in common than a shared ancestory.


The Potential of Attention

By by Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

Can humans affect physical reality with their minds?

North Americans Seek Affordable IFV Abroad

By Amy Speier

Learn about the affordable option middle class can pursue to welcome a bundle of joy into their lives.

One Monsoon

By Don Messerschmidt, from The Common

From a continent away, a young Peace Corps worker senses that all is not well back home.

The Positive Power of Walking

By Jay Walljasper

National summit showcases health, economic, and social justice benefits of walkable communities.

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