Mind & Body

The Expectancy Effect in Action

By Jessica Cohen

An interview with psychologist Rhona Weinstein explains how the expectancy effect can be applied to the classroom.

Redefining the Modern Family

By Joshua Gamson

Sweeping social and technological changes are redefining how society views the modern family.

Dementia and the Gold Pen

By Deborah J. Cohan

Author Deborah Cohan details the obstacles she overcame while slowly losing her father to dementia.

My Life in Dirt

By Edward Kanze

A glimpse into the life of Edward Kanze — a man who claims happiness can come from the dirt.


The All-Star Shaman Ayahuasca Massacree

By Chris Kilham

A night of intense psychedelic healing and journeying work in the Peruvian Amazon.

Experience-Based Advice on How to Live a Good Life

By Nancy Kline

A letter from Nancy Kline, to her goddaughter, illustrating behaviors that may dramatically improve the way we interact with others and lead to a fulfilling life.

Grief Rituals: Finding Peace Through Communal Grieving

By Francis Weller

Develop a sense of connection that will leave you with new vitality when you welcome, rather than fear, the pain of loss with grief rituals.

Small Happiness

By Sparrow, from The Sun

The happiness you seek can be found all around you —even in a plate of soybeans.