Mind & Body

Teachings from Tibetan Buddhism: On Course for Compassion

By Christine Toomey, from Resurgence & Ecologist

Mindfulness is not enough ā€” we must develop our capacity for altruism, a Buddhist scholar argues.

The Trans Revolution: Fighting for Transgender Rights

By Vanessa Baird, from New Internationalist

Tracking the course of transgender rights and their liberating potential for us all.

What Keeps Us from Showing Self-Compassion?

By Kristin Neff, from Psychotherapy Networker

Busting the five myths of self-compassion.

Kung Fu Nuns

By Christine Toomey

Martial art becomes a means of spiritual empowerment for the Buddhist nuns of Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery in Nepal.


The Romance and Ritual of Hindu Bengali Hair

By Bharati Mukherjee

Author Bharati Mukherjee writes of her experience growing up practicing traditional Hindu Bengali hair rituals.

The Expectancy Effect in Action

By Jessica Cohen

An interview with psychologist Rhona Weinstein explains how the expectancy effect can be applied to the classroom.

Redefining the Modern Family

By Joshua Gamson

Sweeping social and technological changes are redefining how society views the modern family.

Dementia and the Gold Pen

By Deborah J. Cohan

Author Deborah Cohan details the obstacles she overcame while slowly losing her father to dementia.

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