Mind & Body

A Quiet Subversion

By Leath Tonino, from Tricycle

With the right frame of mind you can find peace anywhere, anytime.

Great Expectations: Studying Expectancy’s Effects

By Jessica Cohen

A look at the fascinating research into the power of the expectancy effect.

Parenthood: A Pilgrimage

By David Hlavsa

Are we ever, truly, prepared for parenthood? Discover how, and why, David Hlavsa and his wife embarked on a 400 mile pilgrimage in order to build a richer life, with children.

Rewriting Personal Narratives to Heal

By Lewis Mehl-Madrona with Barbara Mainguy

Discover how recreating your personal narrative can transform the patterns in your life, community and beyond.


The Suspiciousness Spectrum: Exploring Paranoia

By David J. Laporte

From the mildly suspicious to the extremely paranoid, the feeling of paranoia exists on the scale of an ordinary human emotion.

A Father’s Invisible Presence

By Susan Johnson Hadler

One woman sifts through her family’s history in search of the remnants of a father she never knew.

Investigating the Nature of the Self

By Anil Ananthaswamy

A brief, introductory glance into Cotard’s Syndrome, the strange science of personal identity and the nature of the self.

Practicing Self-Trust: The Value of Being Perfectly Imperfect

By M.J. Ryan

Trying to keep up with the demands of daily life is exhausting. Developing self-trust and accepting a perfectly imperfect world can help you cope.