Reality Resides In the Mind

| 10/25/2013 10:20:00 AM

Banksy: You're never too young to dream big.
Positive thinking, manifestation, and other new expressions of timeless truths.

This editor’s note originally appeared in issue 125-126 of Both Sides Now: A Journal of Lightworking, Peacemaking, and Consciousness. Both Sides Now is a quarterly journal of spiritual, cultural, and political alternatives. 

This is a subject Both Sides Now has touched on before, but it is worth revisiting. As a New Age publication, it is worthwhile for us to keep coming back to “first principles” regarding what this concept means. First, there is the realization that we are really entering a new age with a significant difference in consciousness. Secondly, there is the consciousness itself. Her we find a paradox. Much of what is called New Age thinking has been around for as long as we have had the written word—or even longer in the oral tradition. This is why it is called Ageless Wisdom. Nevertheless, for more than a century there have been new expressions of timeless truths. One strain has been called the New Thought movement, which includes Christian Science, Science of Mind, and Unity. There are also independent books which expound on variations of this theme in both universal and religious context.

The theme, by the way, is that reality resides in the mind. For some time we have heard the cliché that we create our own reality (with our thinking). This has been expounded as Law under such designations as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation, which can be found lumped together. In other words, as has been said, thoughts are things. Whatever we think will manifest in kind in our physical world. Hence, if we indulge in stinking thinking (negative thoughts), that is what we will experience in our everyday lives. On the other hand, if our thoughts are for the good, we are more likely to see the benefits thereof.

This doesn’t mean that everything will come up roses for sure. Great men like Jesus and Gandhi wound up being martyred. The point is that this is a soul-size matter, and this physical existence is far from all of our life. This calls for a sense of propriety. We incarnate into given situations, and our task is to live with integrity in the circumstance we encounter where we are.

However, we are getting away from our initial theme, which is the power of mind to manifest what we experience in physical reality. A primary motive here is to get people to be aware of their thoughts. We see too many surrendering to the notion that “shit happens” as though the crap was coming out of nowhere. It was just noted here that such thinking will of itself bring about negative results. Therefore it is most important that we pay attention to what is going on in our minds and phrase things in terms that should bring about positive results. The power of positive thinking is not a new idea, but how many are clueless when it comes to applying it in our everyday lives?

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