A Sarcastic People's History of the United States


jefferson memorialEarlier this year, the Texas Board of Education went all “we’re the deciders” on U.S. history textbooks, demanding a decisively conservative slant on certain aspects of our nation’s history. More recently, Arizona went all “stuff white people don’t like” on Latino immigrants. The good people over at We Are Respectable Negroes have taken these gestures at face value and turned the implications of Texas and Arizona’s decisions into a Tea Party timeline: What Would U.S. History Look Like If It Were Written By Texas and Arizona? The sarcasm is kind of obvious awesome:

1941–Patriotic Japanese Americans volunteer to place themselves in gated communities so that America will be safe from Imperial Japan.

Source: We Are Respectable Negroes 

Image by Tony the Misfit, licensed under Creative Commons.


Jeffrey Turnbull
5/25/2010 1:59:27 PM

Sarcasm, satire...whatever it takes to get through the thick skulls of the comfy, complacent, complicit capitalist/nationalist/patriotic/patriarchal/materialist/militarist herds/hordes... American ideals, in daily pactice, have never been worth the parchment they were scribbled on. It's all rhetoric, misleading propaganda which serves the fascist ends of the elitist conservative lords of colonial economic empire and militarized, incarcerated society. 'The land of the free and the home of the brave,' in actuality, has ever been played out as 'the land of the fee and the home of the wage-slave.' The daily actuality of 'With truth, liberty, and justice for all' has been instead 'with malice, falsehood, degradation, oppression, enslavement and destruction to all who are the true laborers and producers of life resources and goods, all who love the earth and all peoples of earth, all who are not members of the conservative secret Satanic societies...' The American Dream/Democracy has proven itself a nightmare, a lie, a smokescreen for the latest most devious, deceitful methods of tyranny and control. To attempt to live by government/civil laws, statutes, regulations, taxes, rents, mortgages, insurance laws...is to be a slave. And those who create and impose such laws and programs do not themselves abide by these. Burn the flag. Only those who awaken to original, innate, pure universal identity, Source, Home, are free of the karma of worldly socio-political-economic tyranny.

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