America’s Worst Places to Be Black

| 2/8/2008 4:43:01 PM

Black Agenda Report, “the journal of African American political thought and action,” recently published its index of 2008’s Ten Worst Places to Be Black. The criteria? Incarceration rates. 

Bruce Dixon, the Report's managing editor, explains:

America's prison system, the world's largest houses some 2.2 million people. Almost half its prisoners come from the one eighth of this country which is black. African American communities have been hard hit by the social, political, and economic repercussions of the growth of America's prison state. Its presence and its reach into Black life is a useful index of the quality of life in Black America itself. 

Sarah Pumroy

2/16/2008 6:27:31 AM

You don't necessarily have to choose a life of crime to get into trouble. The other day I was almost arrested, because I wanted to explain how I did not commit a crime and the office apparently was having a bad day or something like that. I was quite shaken, by how a minor misunderstanding could lead to some extreme consequences. I am white by the way and I believe that a large percentage of prisoners should really be somewhere else. rhea

tico tatt
2/15/2008 4:48:57 PM

People make choices...if people chose a life of crime then they have but themselves to blame

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