Apologies to Mexico

| 7/10/2012 4:28:47 PM


This post originally appeared on Tom Dispatch.  

Dear Mexico,

I apologize. There are so many things I could apologize for, from the way the U.S. biotech corporation Monsanto has contaminated your corn to the way Arizona and Alabama are persecuting your citizens, but right now I’d like to apologize for the drug war, the 10,000 waking nightmares that make the news and the rest that don’t.

You've heard the stories about the five severed heads rolled onto the floor of a Michoacan nightclub in 2006, the 300 bodies dissolved in acid by a servant of one drug lord, the 49 mutilated bodies found in plastic bags by the side of the road in Monterrey in May, the nine bodies found hanging from an overpass in Nuevo Laredo just last month, the Zeta Cartel’s videotaped beheadings just two weeks ago, the carnage that has taken tens of thousands of Mexican lives in the last decade and has terrorized a whole nation. I've read them and so many more. I am sorry 50,000 times over.

The drug war is fueled by many things, and maybe the worst drug of all is money, to which so many are so addicted that they can never get enough. It’s a drug for which they will kill, destroying communities and ecologies, even societies, whether for the sake of making drones, Wall Street profits, or massive heroin sales. Then there are the actual drugs, to which so many others turn for numbness.

There is variety in the range of drugs. I know that marijuana mostly just makes you like patio furniture, while heroin renders you ethereally indifferent and a little reptilian, and cocaine pumps you up with your own imaginary fabulousness before throwing you down into your own trashiness. And then there’s meth, which seems to have the same general effect as rabies, except that the victims crave it desperately.  

7/13/2012 2:15:56 PM

Thank you for this. Superb.

juan morales
7/11/2012 1:21:31 AM

Thanks for the apologies, great article, I only want to bring up the most candent topic these days, the irregular, dirty elections we just had a week ago, is so terrible how corrupted and nasty is the whole thing i have no words, but the world must know how terrible the situation is. How come these people are going to take the government, they are the worse politicians-entrepreneurs we can have, it is really scary they will want to get profit from everything, well you know the way they do things, dirty and conscienceless. Muchos saludos

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