Beat the Political Experts, Win Cash

| 10/23/2008 2:37:06 PM

Electoral votes mapFinally, voters can put the media’s constant barrage of election conjecture to good use. Boston Review is offering a $500 prize to anyone who can best their experts at predicting the outcomes in seven key swing states in the presidential election.

Contestants must also guess the presidential race results by total electoral votes and the popular vote, and include an estimate of how the new Congress will split between Democrats and Republicans.

The magazine shows the educated guesses of four political scientists (Stephen Ansolabehere of Harvard; Robert Erikson of Columbia; Gary Jacobson of UC, San Diego; and David Mayhew of Yale) alongside each category. Can you, Joe the Voter, outdo them? If you need a little help, take a look at prediction sites like, which offers a real-time forecast of electoral votes state by state.

Entries are due by November 1, so start crunching those numbers!

Nigel Eccles
10/24/2008 5:06:22 PM

You should also check out our forecasts here: We are currently projecting Obama to win by a landslide of 375 electoral votes.

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