Carpe Diem

Celebrate the birthday of a Socialist Party leader.

| November-December 2001

November 5 Eugene V. Debs’ Birthday

While the American left has been forced into retreat in recent decades, its accomplishments can still be felt in the lives of almost every American. From Social Security to weekends off, a host of comforts we take for granted were once the radical ideas touted by Socialist Party leader Eugene V. Debs. Born in 1855, Debs was a railroad fireman from Terre Haute, Indiana. He ran for president five times, winning nearly a million votes in 1920 while imprisoned for opposing U.S intervention in World War I. He still looms large as an American hero, both as a moral force and as a man who defied the conventions of his era by openly showing affection for friends and allies.


Celebrate Debs’ legacy by taking a stand against injustice (write a letter to the editor, mail a check to an activist group, organize a campaign on an important issue) and offering a warm handshake or a hug to someone you appreciate.

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