Coin Toss Could Decide Franken-Coleman Senate Race

| 11/10/2008 2:10:29 PM

The flip of a coin could have the final say in the hotly contested Minnesota Senate race between incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman and challenger Al Franken, according to Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Richie. Some 200 votes currently separate the two candidates, and a recount will likely take place. If Coleman and Franken somehow tied in the recount, Richie told Minnesota Public Radio, “I believe there is a coin toss. We don't have provisions for re-elections.”

(Thanks, Politico.)

Cally Carswell
11/11/2008 11:45:44 AM

Ahhh, the election drama continues. MPR reported yesterday that one county has resorted to keeping their ballots in a jail cell (guarded 24 hours a day) to prevent any tampering.

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