Congratulations, You Have Been Admitted to Our Graduate Program by Complete and Utter Chance!

| 5/25/2010 1:04:52 PM


Every year, graduate programs across the country reject oodles of applications from terrifically smart and qualified individuals. How to create a more equitable admissions process, one that doesn’t draw arbitrary distinctions between equally qualified candidates? John L. Jackson Jr. over at The Chronicle of Higher Education ponders a lottery for admissions. As he says:

This [graduate admissions] isn't about finding a needle in a haystack, the one gem that objectively shines brighter than all the rest. It can feel more like throwing a dart at a far away dartboard and then subsequently drawing a bullseye around it.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Image by foundphotoslj, licensed under Creative Commons.

George Staples
5/27/2010 11:28:50 AM

A grandson, i have, who is a National Honor Society student has opted to join the Marine Corps because he was unable to obtain scholarship money for college; only options he had was the lottery. So sad, too bad. Right? Or perhaps he did not look hard enough. Not even would help.

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