Modernize the Country of Origin Label

A consumer movement that demands transparent country of origin labels could reinvigorate American economic prosperity.

| July 2012

In Buying America Back (SelectBooks, 2012), Alan Uke explains how we can create jobs and reclaim our economic prosperity by demanding a better country of origin label on our manufactured goods. By modernizing the iconic tag that reads Made in America or Made in China, Uke believes we can help end unemployment, increase economic prosperity and lessen the threat from imbalanced trade. The following excerpt was taken from the Introduction. 

Wherever you are, pause for a moment. Look at the objects around you. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be reading this outdoors where much of what surrounds you is created by nature. Look at what you have with you and what you are wearing. If you are indoors, look at the things you use every day. Chances are, wherever you are reading this book, you are surrounded by many, many objects that are man-made and produced in factories by people and machines.

Before you read on, pick up five of the objects and look at them more closely. You rely on many of these things. Ask yourself this: Where do they come from?

Look for the country of origin label.

Very likely, most of what you found was not made in the U.S.A.

And there may have been some surprises. If you were in the kitchen you might have noticed that almost anything with an electric cord on it, no matter how familiar the American brand, was made in China.