David Graeber: Where to Learn More

| 10/15/2012 3:03:57 PM

 David Graeber 

Occupying Zuccotti Park was nothing if not a long-shot, but it was also the kind of long-shot David Graeber was used to taking. For more than ten years, Graeber has juggled global justice activism with a distinguished career in anthropology, work that has kept him bouncing across continents, facing down riot police and tenure committees with equal poise and determination. One of a handful of activists who imagined and planned the early Occupy actions, Graeber has lent his considerable experience to the burgeoning movement. In 2012, Graeber was named an Utne Visionary. Check out the video and links below to learn more about David Graeber, his work with Occupy and Alter-Globalization, and his latest book on the history of debt.

Below: Democracy Now! interview with David Graeber on the beginnings and mechanics of Occupy Wall Street and the moral power of debt (September 19, 2011). 


Video: David Graeber gives a short teach-in at Occupy Wall Street’s Free University on democracy, sovereignty, and constituent power.

Can Debt Spark A Revolution?The Nation, September 5, 2012.

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