No Simple Solutions: Divergent Problems and the Need for Consensus

The divergent problems of our time, from health care to transportation access, have no simple solutions.

| March 2013

In The Poised Century (Tower Press, 2011), David A. Robinson shows us what a century "on the brink" looks like and what each of us can do about it. From oil depletion and climate change to growing inequity and mounting debt, he presents persuasive reasons why each of us must live today as if tomorrow mattered. Focusing on the United States in particular, he invites and challenges his readers to find a way of living and consuming that does not diminish either the planet or its people. The following excerpt comes from chapter 4, “The New Liturgy.” 

"All professions are conspiracies against the laity."
—George Bernard Shaw

"The time has come to take the syringe out of the hand of the doctor, as the pen was taken out of the hand of the scribe during the Reformation in Europe."
—Ivan Illich

"One of the principal problems in the modern world is that we have delegated our survival instinct to the state."
—Norman Cousins

Everybody loves a dead battery.

It was a do-it-yourself crowd. We stood six deep at the auto parts counter at Sears, all asking for the same thing: “Give me the biggest battery you’ve got for a Belchfire.” A cart full of dead batteries next to the counter gave witness to what had brought us there and made “Cold enough for you?” the conversation of the day.