Educating Children from the Head Down

| 7/3/2008 4:15:42 PM

More important than long division and the Great Gatsby, an education is meant to teach children how to think. Unfortunately, teachers today are “educating people out of their creativity,” according to Sir Ken Robinson, speaking at the TED conference (video available below). Rather than teaching children how to think, feel, and move, students are taught, “progressively from the waist up,” neglecting dance, arts, and other subjects that encourage creativity. 

That loss of creativity threatens to undermine the current generation of young people in America. In an article reprinted from the Rake in the latest issue of Utne Reader, Jeannine Ouellette wrote that “it’s questionable whether tomorrow adults are learning to use the tools they’ll need to succeed.” Over-booking children’s schedules without leaving room for unstructured play time is threatening American innovation, and—possibly most importantly—it’s just no fun.

7/5/2008 2:51:56 PM

Public schools today are "teaching to the test" as I like to say. They are so focused on getting the kids to do a good job on standardized tests (so that the school can continue to receive it's government support) that they teach that material over and over. What our kids are being taught is to memorize material to be regurgitated back for a test. They are not being taught to think for themselves. Give me the choice of an "over scheduled, taught to the test child" and a "home-schooled or a montessori taught child" and I will take the "home-schooled or a montessori taught child" any day! These kids will be the future leaders of this world as they will be the adults who will be able to think for themselves.

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