Everything You Never Needed to Know about Barack Obama

| 11/17/2008 4:22:00 PM

It turns out that Barack Obama was not fully vetted before he was elected president. Did you know that he collects Conan the Barbarian comics?! Or that he ate dog, snake, and grasshopper when he lived in Indonesia?! These are just two of 50 little-known tidbits revealed in the Telegraph last week.

If the Telegraph’s list leaves you thirsty for still more details on the man—trivial or consequential—don't despair. Just stop by Politico’s newest venture, Politico 44. The site, billed as a “living diary of the Obama presidency,” provides substantive, Obama-centric reporting and allows you to track the president-elect like never before. (In case you were wondering, he left home to workout at 9:37 a.m. Sunday and arrived at his office later that day at precisely 4:03 p.m.)


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