FBI Investigates Role of Oakland Police in Another Civilian Death

| 2/3/2009 1:58:58 PM

In the month following the Oscar Grant shooting on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, the Oakland police force has come under intense national scrutiny. There’s reason to believe the attention will continue: According to the Oakland Tribune, the FBI recently launched investigations into an alleged police cover-up of another civilian death back in 2000. Capt. Edward Poulson is accused of beating Jerry Amaro III, who later died of his injuries, and directing other officers to lie about it. Though the department conducted its own internal investigation into the matter, it resulted in only a brief suspension for Poulson, who not only kept his job but was later promoted to head of Internal Affairs. The Center for Investigative Reporting notes that the case is being revisited as part of a larger FBI inquiry into problems on the force, including accusations of sexual harassment and a scandal over falsified search warrants.  

(Thanks, Colorlines.)


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