Finding the Truth

| 8/6/2012 10:06:46 AM

Peter Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is an Emmy Award-winning composer, NY Times best-selling author and noted philanthropist. Currently, he is releasing socially-conscious music and touring his "Concert & Conversation" series in support of his book Life Is What You Make It

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Where is truth? How do we find it? How do we know it?

“How Would You Know” by Peter Buffett
(Peter is giving this song away to Utne readers—click here for your free download!)

I wrote this song as yet another plea for questioning and answering. And when I was finished, I thought that it could use some sound bites. I’ve always loved to put together sound collages. My favorite is the "Urban Overture" from my show Spirit – The Seventh Fire. In it, I tried to create the sound of America going from what I called “analogue invention to digital consumerism.” Here’s a montage from the show.  

When I started to comb the internet for sound bites, I began to see a pattern emerge. Our presidents from at least Reagan forward (they’re the easiest ones to find on YouTube!) were saying many of the same things. It became relatively easy to weave a narrative together (punctuated by commercial interruptions) that had an eerie "we’ve seen this before" quality. 

In some ways, they were almost completing each other's sentences. What is going on here? As you know from other posts, I’m a big fan of Mark Twain’s quote, “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Well, I’d like to end this particular poem and move on.

And so I keep writing essentially the same song and the same blog post until I get it right. Until we get more people singing the same tune … a new tune.

David Lunbeck
8/6/2012 9:52:18 PM

very cool song I also like sound bites in songs , I wonder if there is one with Walter Cronkite ? he had the coolest voice , oh yeah back to the point i like this blog very much ...

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