First Thing: Kill All the Boomers

| 4/14/2009 4:41:51 PM

The Baby Boomers were never bestowed the honor of being named the “Greatest Generation.” They got to witness the beginnings of the tech revolution, only to realize that an 11-year-old kid could do more with a computer than they would ever be able to. Now, in what should be their golden years, they’re being attacked. 

Writing for This Magazine, RM Vaughan takes a shot at the increasingly helpless Baby Boomers. He writes:

While I don't condone violence, I can condone a reasonable, humane culling of the aging herd. They don't have to actually die, just virtually pass away. And here's how: if you are a boomer, stop. Just stop. Stop working, stop acquiring, stop micro-managing your (and my) universe, stop sucking the life out of popular culture, stop going outdoors in those ghastly Crocs and Tilley Endurable hats, and, please, stop talking about how you're eventually going to stop and, instead, stop. Now.

A similar point was made by Joseph Hart in the September-October issue of Utne Reader, when he wrote:

They promised a revolution and boy did they deliver. Safety net: shredded. Social Security: squandered. Liberalism: perished. Fairness: forgotten. Great Society: whatever. Do I even need to mention climate change? AIDS? The Monkees? So now they want to pass on their wisdom to the rest of us. Uh-huh.

Poor Boomers. They just can’t get no satisfaction.

Sarah _2
4/29/2009 2:08:25 PM

Boomers. Post boomers. Gen X'ers. There are negative stereotypes linked to all catch phrase age demographics and the cultural framework they create/exist within. I am the product of two baby boomers, and yet am not part of the Gen X bubble. Born in 1985, I'm lumped into the amorphous "Generation Y" demographic, charged with being spoiled, lazy and apathetic by our elders. Does that negativity explain an entire generation, who is quickly coming into their prime? I think not. The same goes Gen X children, and the Baby Boomers. Every generation has its fads, quirks, and makes its fair share of mistakes. This does not mean that we can write off large parts of our population, or trivialize their needs, concerns or changes in their ways of life as they age. We can't blame the problems of today's society on our parents, Generation X. Conversely, Boomers need to stop attacking "those damn kids" as the source of a civilization in decline. My advice to all: quit your bitching. Younger generations will get older too. Younger groups need to respect that. As for the holes in our social programs, politics, and the issue of our deteriorating environment: let's all work to find solutions. Otherwise, future generations (Gen Z and beyond) will be right in pointing their blame at all of us.

Elizabeth Carter
4/27/2009 6:59:20 PM

Just remember, if you want to know where the boomer population bubble came from, look no further than the "greatest generation," those bunnies!

Tom Hendricks
4/23/2009 10:38:41 PM

Here's one thing to remember when younger generations criticize us boomers - so why are you still playing our rock and roll (though a watered down version). If you don't like it - then don't like it so much. On the plus side. The younger generations did excel the boomers in their specific art form, literature - zines! that art form that still hasn't been recognized by the mainstream.

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