The Food Movement Rising


Photo by Stewart 

This article originally appeared at Earth Island Journal. 

In case you didn’t get the memo, today is Food Day. In more than 2,000 communities in all fifty states, people will be taking a moment to step back and celebrate our food—and the growing ranks of a food movement working hard to ensure that healthy, sustainably, and ethically raised food, grown and produced by workers paid and treated fairly, is the norm not the exception.

To celebrate, myself and dozens of partners including Corporate Accountability International, Slow Food USA, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the Land Stewardship Project are launching Food MythBusters—a series of short online movies to help you detect truth from fiction when it comes to your food and how it’s made. The first film takes on the myth that we need chemical agriculture to feed the world and looks at the true costs of industrial agriculture and the power and potential of sustainable food and farming.

Have a look!


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