Gay Town, U.S.A

| 4/8/2008 10:50:06 AM

Fort WorthIf you’re looking for gay-friendly living, consider ditching the coasts. That’s according to the Advocate’s April 8, 2008 issue (article not available online). The magazine tapped Gary Gates, a senior research fellow at UCLA’s Williams Institute, to crunch the Census numbers and home in on where same-sex couples are settling. With Gates, the Advocate came up with these five unlikely emerging gay meccas where culture, creativity, family-friendly communities, and business are thriving:

Fort Worth, Texas: affordable upscale real estate, good schools, and big corporations that offer domestic-partner benefits

Fort Wayne, Indiana: diversity, decent cost of living, good jobs, access to nearby big cities like Chicago and Detroit, and a well-read population (“in terms of its libraries’ usage and books owned”)

Tulsa, Oklahoma: diversity, lots of museums and theaters, tasty foodie scene, and a low cost of living with “big-city benefits,” says one resident

Anchorage, Alaska: parks, recreation, wildlife, museums, a thriving restaurant scene, a hip Pacific Northwest vibe, and a diverse, educated population

Jacksonville, Florida: 80,000 acres of urban park, diversity, beaches, museums, and good business opportunities

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