How Gender-Savvy Are You?

A quick quiz to measure your gender aptitude

| September/October 1998

Gender Section:

The Gender Blur
Where does biology end and society take over?

Drag Net
From glen to glenda and back it possible?

Indefinable Heroes
The ancient art of gender-bending

This time the revolution will be absolutely fabulous!

Excerpt: The GLAM Manifesto

PoMosexual Pioneer
What good is theory when you're not getting laid?

Gender Aptitude Test
Just WHO do you think you are?

You're not the same person you were 10 minutes ago. None of us is. We change our attitudes, our careers, our relationships. Even our age changes minute by minute. We change our politics, our moods, and our sexual preferences. We change our outlook, we change our minds, we change our sympathies. Yet when someone changes genders, we call the television talk shows. Well, here's what I think: I think we do change our genders. All the time.

Maybe it's not as dramatic as a tabloid headline screaming "She Was a He!" But we do—all of us—regularly change genders. In response to each interaction we subtly shift the kind of man or woman, boy or girl, or whatever gender we're being at the moment.

So . . . how gender-savvy are you? Come on—no one's looking over your shoulder. Just circle the answer that most nearly matches your point of view, and by the end you should have a good idea of your gender aptitude.

1. Why are you taking this quiz?

a) I'm not taking this quiz. I'm just looking through the questions.

b) This kind of thought-provoking discussion is interesting, even though it doesn't apply to me.