Hard Lives in Haiti Just Got Harder

| 1/14/2010 12:48:36 PM

Haiti robot

Photographer Jeff Antebi recently spent time in Haiti, shooting urban scenes in Port-au-Prince. Late last night he shared his thoughts as he reflected on the enormity of the earthquake’s devastation, and we in turn are sharing those thoughts—and some of his photos—with you. —The Editors

Haiti is on my mind and I am very sad tonight.

I was in Port-au-Prince twice in 2009.

When I arrived the first time, and walked around the streets, the people stared at me cold. It was, at first glance, an unwelcoming place.

My dear friend Jean-Marc de Matteis, who I hope is alive and well tonight, smirked a bit and said, “The thing with Haitian people is that they’ve been through a lot. It’s a hard life here and people wear it on their faces. But that’s not the true nature of Haitian people. Watch what happens if you make eye contact and simply say ‘bonjour’ to someone.”

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