Immigration Raids in China’s “Little Africa”

| 2/26/2009 4:12:24 PM

African in ChinaThousands of Africans have flocked to China in recent years, seeking to tap into the country’s meteoric economic rise. With the United States and Europe stifling immigration, many Africans see China as a more promising alternative. That’s beginning to change, Tom Mackenzie and Mitch Moxley write for Global Post, as the global economic downturn is hurting business and Chinese immigration officials have begun cracking down on African immigrants.

The epicenter of this tension may be the city of Guangzhou, China, where an area filled with African markets known as “Little Africa,” or “Chocolate City” has become the target for immigration raids. According to Evan Osnos in the New Yorker, local newspapers have estimated that there are some 10,000 immigrants in the city known to police as “Triple Illegal Persons,” who entered, live, and work illegally. Osnos profiles one such immigrant, a Nigerian business man he calls Joseph Nwaosu, as he navigates the culture of commerce, religion, and illegality.

Sources: Global Post, the New Yorker 

Image by Eric Chan, licensed under Creative Commons.

chibueze umeh_1
4/23/2010 10:48:45 PM

i must say that as am illegal immigrant it is very dificult to live in china as african, it is not my wish to surffer all this because i came here with a visa and i was wellcomed by the chinese immigration. the problem we nigerians face here is that visas on nigerian passports can not be extended by chinese immigrations, i dont blame them i blame the bad eggs among us that allways want to tarnish the image of our great country nigeria by ingagingthem self in so many crimes. but i still want to pread to chinese goverments that there are so many nigerian here that are here for good business that surffers among the bad ones, i am here for good business and this crack down is affecting my business here. for me if any one is caught commiting crime let him face the penalty even my bload brother because biblecaly God commanded us to respect the law of the land and obey the goverment. migration is not bad is a way of balancing trade and so many other things. many of us nigerians are ready to extend our visas but no way to do so, chinese goverment should help us there are many chinese also that do business in nigeria without any harasment. nigeria and china are very long time friends so let the two goverments do something about this. there is no day in china without chinese police not catching morethan 10nigerians for deportation. china is not our home but we are here to survive, let the goverment leason with us every nigerian in china is under the attack of highpatantion.

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