King Rats

Criminal informants are the real winners in the DEA’s drug war

| May-June 1996

  • king-rats

    Image by Flickr user: hashmil / Creative Commons

  • king-rats

“I’m looking for Mike Levine, ex-DEA,” said a man’s voice.

“How’d you get this number?” I said. It was close to midnight and my wife and I were in a San Francisco hotel on business.

“Man, you don’t know what I went through to find you.”

The voice belonged to a well-known California defense attorney who said he’d tracked me through my publisher.

“I’m in the middle of trying a case,” he said. “I need you to testify as an expert witness. The judge gave me the weekend to find you and bring you here.”

“Whoa! Back up,” I said. “I’m not a legal consultant.”

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