Marine-Base Bumper Stickers: Killing Is Fun!

| 4/8/2010 2:14:53 PM

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Scene from WikiLeaks videoDoes the WikiLeaks video released this week, showing U.S. Blackhawk helicopter crew members boasting and congratulating each other as they gun down unarmed journalists and children, reveal that U.S. military personnel take glee in killing?

Well, if it doesn’t, these bumper stickers spotted on the Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune Marine bases in North Carolina—and posted on the right-wing blog One Man’s Thoughts—will help anyone with doubts round out the picture. If you don’t live near an armed forces base or socialize with soldiers, this is the noble and morally conscious military culture you’re missing out on:

 “Waterboarding Is Out So Kill Them All!”

“Interrogators Can’t Waterboard Dead Guys”

“U.S. Marines—Travel Agents to Allah”

“When in Doubt, Empty the Magazine”

“The Marine Corps—When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be Destroyed Overnight”

“Marines—Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity to Die for their Country Since 1775”

 “Happiness Is a Belt-Fed Weapon”

“Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just a Vulgar Brawl”

“A Dead Enemy Is a Peaceful Enemy—Blessed Be the Peacemakers”

“Marine Sniper—You Can Run, But You’ll Just Die Tired!”

“What Do I Feel When I Kill a Terrorist? A Little Recoil”

Let me be clear: I know people who serve in the U.S. military. I admire their resolve, their courage, and their sense of duty. They do not have stickers like this on their vehicles.

Source: One Man’s Thoughts

abbigail ballard
1/30/2013 5:08:52 AM

Really you know active duty people and you admire them. You throw that comment in at the end. You cannot write the story you wrote and support our military. It takes great courage to enlist. You give up so many rights - you have no idea. What comments did you make when the Somalia mobs dragged a dead American solder through the streets of Mogadishu in 1994. That scene made every American sick to their stomachs – and of course it enraged the Armed Forces. Rightly so. I hope one day you find yourself in a terrible situation and your only hope of rescue is a battalion of Marines. They would empty every magazine on their person to save an American in trouble – whether you were worthy of saving or not. That’s what they do. That’s how they live. Their slogan “for God and country” is exactly how they train and fight. You should shut your face.

abbigail ballard
1/30/2013 4:54:15 AM

I want to ask the writer how many active duty military personnel have you talked with or spent any time around. I guess if the US is ever invaded you would raise a white flag and insist on a diplomatic solution. I am sure that will prevent a lot of American deaths. How many American children lost a parent on 9/11? How many lost both parents? I am sorry but your sarcastic, liberal comments have no appreciation for the sacrifices of our Armed Forces. They protect your right to make an ass of yourself. You have freedom of speech because a war was fought to gain it. I suggest you make a trip to any of several countries I can think of that use children as defensive shields or hide their missiles near schools or hospitals. You have absolutely no idea of what is like to serve in the military – until you do you should keep your asinine thoughts to yourself.

6/24/2010 6:47:03 AM

Thank you so much for the nice stickers information...

ralph marshall
4/12/2010 12:19:35 PM

Sorry... 'Children to China' was another rant that I eliminated. My proofreading was lacking there.

ralph marshall
4/12/2010 12:16:02 PM

I completely agree about the timidity of the press. It is a race to the bottom as they try to claw their way to the top. Rather than a unified purpose of seeking the truth to better the world (or America, if you will), it is an every-man-for-themselves attitude to advance their career. Parents are lost in despair over some tragedy with their children and 20 microphones are shoved in their face as the reporters ask "How do you feel"? But I must point out that it is precisely the tea-baggers who have run government for the last 30 years. Since Reagan, conservatives (and I include those who vote conservative) have been hypocritical, short sighted and selfish. Newt Gingrich promised to shut down the government if the Republicans didn't get what they want. He pushed to impeach Clinton for infidelity at the same time he was having an affair on his 2nd wife (he divorced his first while she was in the hospital with cancer). Is this not hypocrisy? Bush was incompetent and conservatives voted him in twice. Republicans shout "tax and spend" as they disparage progressives and then spend more than any Democrat would think of. Democrats gave us a balanced budget under Clinton. children to China. The tea-bagger party is the "borrow and spend" party. They are the "reverse mortgage" party. Honesty is not their concern, power is. A healthy America is not in their interest, since it is fear that they use as the basis of their manipulation of our emotions. Are we going to stand for this?

bob bennett
4/11/2010 7:40:06 PM

Unfortunetly, this is just a result of the contempt for people that the government has promoted for decades. The war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on anyone who disagrees with offical policies, has distorted the purpose of America. Tea partiers are correct in their anger, but the timidity of the press over the last 20-30 years, prefering the moment sensation over in depth analysis, has caused a preference of the shallow over thoughtful analysis of the many difficult issues that face not just America, but the world. We need more than the elites imposiong thier biases on us.