All Over the Map: Canada

The most enlightened town for every province

| May-June 1997

Alberta ~ Canmore: A booming mountain town near Kootenay National Park that’s intelligently managing growth by promoting bicycling and walking, and is setting aside wild corridors for migrating animals.

British Columbia ~ Vancouver: A wild tract of forest right downtown. Bustling public markets. A 20-mile recreational waterfront. And enough ethnic diversity to make L. A. look monochromatic.

Manitoba ~ Winnipeg: The very picture of multiculturalism with a French quarter, an enormous Ukranian population, dozens of Asian Indian restaurants, and radio news in Chinese.

New Brunswick ~ Burnt Church: A Mii’gmag Indian community that’s solving problems by rediscovering its longhouse roots and traditional ways of living and spirituality.

Newfoundland ~ St. Johns: Where the sun rises first in North America. Picturesque and meticulously preserved, with pedestrian trails heading all over town.

Nova Scotia ~ Halifax: A relaxed version of the good life, with great parks, human-scale architecture, a flourishing arts scene, a big alternative rock scene (“the new Seattle”), and a large Buddhist community.