Obama and the Extraterrestrial Lobby

| 12/30/2009 1:06:04 PM

AlienBarack Obama’s “hope” and “change” campaign slogans meant many things to many people. For some UFO fanatics, Obama’s election represents the hope that the government will finally come clean about its “truth embargo” on the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. The latest issue of The Washington Monthly profiles Stephen Bassett, Washington’s only registered UFO lobbyist. Basset and other UFO enthusiasts believe that Obama’s commitment to transparency and disclosure will lead to a formal admission that aliens have been on Earth for some time. Then the government can finally release all that alien technology—including the cures for cancer, global warming, and the engergy crisis—that it’s been sitting on for so long. Summing up the change that UFO enthusiasts have been waiting for, the Washington Monthly reports, “If Obama doesn’t announce the existence of aliens in early 2010, they say, he certainly will in the next few years.”

Source: The Washington Monthly (Article not yet available online)

Julia Kennedy_1
1/2/2010 8:50:11 AM

Perhaps someone can explain why the aliens have let only the government know about their presence and skills. Do they only trust the government? If not, can't they find a few people here who accept their presence and hope to become acquainted? Surely all these websites offer fertile ground for finding such people or communicating with all of us. Given how easily bad guys like Al Quaida can send us their news or messages via Al Jazeera and the internet, surely these powerful aliens can do as well or even better. Or is the theory that the aliens are a danger to us and all those benefits are nonexistent. Or is it that powerful politicians do not think they would gain even more power if they could offer us a cure for cancer or truly green power or any other huge benefits. Seems like there are too many contradictions here. J.M.K.

1/2/2010 8:15:55 AM

With my experience inside the government (four years in the military and 2&1/2 years at NIH) I have gotten the impression that the main motivation to keep secrets and cover things up is so that someone who works for the government can pretend to a “superior form of knowledge and competency” that he or she just does not have. Secrets more often cover up bungling and incompetence than “spare the public any panic.” The “best and brightest” may have once flocked to government jobs, but no longer do so, and often leave if they make the mistake of doing so. In short, keeping secrets neither requires genius nor even minimal competence. The mishandling of 9-11 only underscores how secrets are kept not only from the public but other rival government agencies as well. My own pet theory of Roswell? The investigation of the crash debris was apparently limited to “experts” who were already members of and cleared by the U.S. Army Air Force. They clearly did not want to call in any “untrustworthy” foreign-trained scientists and physicists (Einstein or Oppenheimer, for example). And chances are, they bungled the investigation and inadvertently destroyed the evidence. Now that’s a real reason for keeping it all secret!

1/2/2010 4:52:52 AM

Ray and other interested parties: Also check out the Ashtar Command sites. Just do a search for "ASHTAR" and one will come up with quite a few items of interest.

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