Obama’s Hidden Political Success

| 3/10/2010 3:37:42 PM

Obama RegulationBarack Obama’s administration has not yet passed a health care bill. Nor has it passed a climate change bill. Nor has it closed Guantanamo Bay. There is, however, one progressive issue where the Obama administration has been extremely productive: regulation.

Under previous Republican administrations, John B. Judis reports for the New Republic that the alphabet soup of federal regulation agencies—the EPA, OSHA, SEC, FCC, and others—were systematically dismantled. Industry representatives were chosen to regulate the industries they represented, and budgets were strategically cut. Obama is turning the tide, appointing actual regulators and increasing funding, even in the midst of the recession. “In doing so,” Judis writes, “he isn’t simply improving the effectiveness of various government offices or making scattered progress on a few issues; he is resuscitating an entire philosophy of government with roots in the Progressive era of the early twentieth century.”

Source: The New Republic 

Joel House
3/10/2010 5:27:46 PM

I would be very pleased to see the press make the "regulatory body recovery" seem a little less dead. While it is like closing the barn door after the horse is gone, it is hopeful. We've already been robbed by high binder corporations and banks. But with regulation, they won't be allowed to get away with as much again. That is news! If the media would recognize the value in these progressive steps, perhaps they would start asking what happened to all our money and who pocketed it? Republican dismantling of our protections needs to be seriously investigated, the money followed, and the robbers exposed relentlessly. The Right is busy obstructing their way back into office. The press is asleep as usual. The Neo-press, is hard at work. DO SOMETHING!

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