The Political Prison

Author Mark Satin believes there are six characteristics that bind our society – find out what they are.

| September 2016

  • Prison Bars
    Author Mark Satin defines the current political structure as a prison made up of patriarchy and nationalism among other ideas.
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  • New Age Politics
    In "New Age Politics: Our Only Real Alternative" author Mark Satin weaves together cutting-edge political ideas, including those which bind our society into a so-called "six-sided prison."
    Cover courtesy Lorian Press

  • Prison Bars
  • New Age Politics

New Age Politics: Our Only Real Alternative (Lorian Press, 2015) by Mark Satin captures the transformational political perspective emerging out of the social movements of our time. Originally published in the 1970s the ideas have been streamlined and are now more relevant than ever. This excerpt comes from chapter 2, "The Six-Sided Prison."

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The New Age position suggests that the basic problem has partly to do with the scale of our society: the human scale is beautiful and nearly everything we have now is much too big (and powerful and domineering). And that has little to do with capitalism per se: the Soviet Union’s ridiculous supersonic transport aircraft (“SST”) is even bigger than ours would have been.

But even more, the New Age position suggests that the problem is with “the people” themselves: with us; with what we have become.

And it holds that “what we have become” goes back to a cultural complex whose six main elements predate capitalism by hundreds or even thousands of years – and are all still present, in greater or lesser degree, in the socialist countries as well.

The elements are: patriarchal attitudes, egocentricity, scientific single vision, the bureaucratic mentality, nationalism, and the big-city outlook. 

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