Prattle in Seattle: The WTO Quiz

Match your favorite WTO protest pundits with their quotable quips

| March-April 2000

If the World Trade Organization battle in Seattle proved anything, it clearly separated the namby-pamby politically correct Third World apologist whiners from the progress at any price, free-enterprise-forever, iron-willed, global capitalist tools. See if you can match the astute observers of current affairs (A-H) with their observations (1-8).


A. William Grieder/The Nation; B. John Vidal (mistakenly issued a delegate pass, in) In These Times; C. From the editors of Storm Warning; D. Matthew Stadler/The Stranger; E. Walter Truett Anderson/Pacific News Service; F. Debra Goldman/Adweek; G. Nancy Drew/The Stranger; H. Charles Krauthammer/Time


1. “The anti-globalism movement now flexing its muscles in Seattle itself represents a form of globalism.”

2. “[Our] ‘I Am a Dangerous Terrorist’ WTO baseball caps are a big hit. . . . However, proud owners of the soon-to-be-collectibles might want to take note of the label: Made in Bangladesh. Yikes.”