Predicting Hillary

| 6/4/2008 5:27:27 PM

Hillary Clinton
What’s next for Hillary? The blogosphere speculates:

Ben Smith over at Politico lays out the fallout from last night’s historic primary finale in broad strokes:

Clinton is the strongest runner-up in the history of Democratic politics, a status that gives her an unusual amount of leverage on her rival, Barack Obama. But she’s also hemmed in by the reality that to be seen as a half-hearted campaigner for Obama, or worse, as causing his defeat, would be political suicide.

She especially needs help restoring support from an African-American community that had been her base – assistance that can only come from Obama’s fulsome embrace. She could use Obama’s help raising money to retire her debts, something she signaled with an aggressive online appeal for cash last night. Her supporters assume she has earned the prime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention that Obama can bestow.

Those around her say that beyond the mundane negotiating points – a half hour in Denver, help raising money – there is a more personal, less tangible demand that she be accorded the respect she feels she earned in an historic bid that brought her closer to the nomination than any other second-place Democratic finisher.

TPM Election Central has a handy little round-up charting which players are saying what about the VP question. As for Hillary’s non-VP options, Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish puts his money on a health czar–type position:

My bet: The presumptive nominee will publicly offer Senator Clinton the lead role in his administration for healthcare reform. He may have to doll up the title to make it appear grander than HHS but some kind of cabinet level health czar position might work. Her fallback position is to offer to spearhead the legislation in the Senate - why not name the bill after her? - and campaign on this subject for the ticket through the fall. Offering her healthcare may be too petty for her privately; but that's why it calls her bluff on the whole "I'm-just-doing-it-for-the-little-people" schtick. How can she be seen to treat healthcare reform as an insult to her stature? If it's her cause celebre, how can it be beneath her?

Fantasy Team Of Rivals time: Clinton gets healthcare; Edwards gets poverty; Gore gets the environment; the other Clinton is made secretary of state.

Heidi Girl
6/10/2008 10:30:59 PM

did anyone else notice in her big speech on Saturday that she was all smiles when talking about herself but as soon as she HAD to start praising Obama, she never smiled while talking about him? Am I reading too much into this?

6/6/2008 9:25:27 PM

All I want to know is what will Hillary say on Saturday? OK, maybe I worded that poorly. I think we all know WHAT she will say. I'm just curious how SINCERE she will be about supporting Obama. What do you think? Will she lie herself thru the speech or will she be somewhat convincing? I really wonder what went on behind closed doors last night with their meeting. Wonder what SHE said. Wonder what HE said. Wonder what promises each of them made.

Sara Mason
6/4/2008 10:17:01 PM

Billy writes: "the Democrats are doomed in November...." The democrats are not "doomed" in November. They will be just fine but without Hillary on the ticket. I think Obama is worth his weight in gold for our country. He will make CHANGE happen. In regards to who should get the next "turn" in the white house, the democrats don't play that game. The republicans are the only ones who decide who's "turn" it is. When Bush #1 was in the white house, it was being decided if Jeb or George would have a "turn" next. I don't know why republicans even vote. It's all planned out for them.......

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