The Commons Are Everywhere


Once you start looking for the commons, you’ll find them everywhere, from roads and water to money systems and the stock market, to the Internet and the oceans. As commons-based thinking grows in influence, we present this guide to some of our favorite resources and writings on the commons. Also see our series of articles on the commons in the September-October 2010 issue of Utne Reader.

The nonprofit organization On the Commons is one of the best single sources on the commons, featuring resources on a host of topics and writers including former Utne Reader editor Jay Walljasper and activist/strategist David Bollier.

The website Shareable emphasizes sharing more than commons as its buzzword, but it covers similar ground. One notable project is the Shareable Futures series, featuring stories and essays that touch on commons themes by writers including sci-fi scribes Cory Doctorow and Bruce Sterling.

If you enjoyed the interview with commons pioneer Elinor Ostrom in the September-October Utne Reader, check out her “8 Keys to a Successful Commons” that ran with the original interview in Yes magazine.

Former labor secretary Robert Reich weighs in with a way to help the ailing economy—invest in the common good—in his article “From Consumers to Commons in The American Prospect.

David Bollier extends this line of thinking to drugs and treatments in “Restore Medicine to the Commons from the Boston Review.

Jack Harich_2
8/31/2010 8:13:34 PM

Thanks for the interesting reading list with links. Here's a link you may want to explore and add in your next report on commons related research: Checkout the video on "Introduction to the Concept of Common Property Rights" and the related PowerPoint, which live on this page:

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