The Great Recession and the Death of Macho

| 8/9/2009 5:31:06 PM

End of MachoWriting for Foreign Policy, Reihan Salam declares that the global dominance of men has come to an end.  And what caused this “monumental shift of power from men to women”?  Salam argues that the Great Recession is a “mortal blow to the macho men’s club called finance capitalism.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men lost 80% of total jobs lost since November.  Men struggle to deal with the mental effects of job loss, and the world increasingly looks to women for leadership:

Indeed, it’s now fair to say that the most enduring legacy of the Great Recession will not be the death of Wall Street.  It will not be the death of finance.  And it will not be the death of capitalism.  These ideas and institutions will live on.  What will not survive is macho.  And the choice men will have to make, whether to accept or fight this new fact of history, will have seismic effects for all of humanity—women as well as men.

Although not all countries will respond by throwing the male bums out, the backlash is real—and it is global.  The great shift of power from males to females is likely to be dramatically accelerated by the economic crisis, as more people realize that the aggressive, risk-seeking behavior that has enabled men to entrench their power—the cult of macho—has now proven destructive and unsustainable in a globalized world.

Source: Foreign Policy

Image by Elsie esq., licensed under Creative Commons.

Fashion Victim
8/18/2009 11:00:31 PM

Being aggressive and seeking risk are not solely male traits, nor are they vestigial traits. They are the traits for which nature has selected. In fact, women in the US and EU continue to seek these traits during mate selection. Cocky and funny gets you macho men the chix. Risky and aggro (used to) get you the bux. I, for one, welcome our new female overlords.

Parker East
8/17/2009 2:47:07 PM

This is absolutely ludicrous. Ruthless people out for profit are going to be the heads of institutions that are ruthlessly out for profit. Be they male or female. the leaders of this company, and the humans that would have filled the positions had they not existed, would have been out for the appearance of short term gains. This has nothing to do with gender. The people that lost their jobs were mostly male because the institutions were mostly male. The institutions didn't do these things because they were mostly male. Absurd, offensive, and your gloating attitude of, 'You're going to deal with it or you're not, but that's the way it is. We's in charge now mother f'er.' is obscene and counterproductive. Throw the male bums out? Throw yourself out. What I just read wasn't any change from the cult of macho. It's the same old attitude, cuntsure instead of cocksure. People are the ones who are going to fix this crisis. Your gender politics have no place at the table in these critical times. "Men struggle to deal with the mental effects of job loss, and the world increasingly looks to women for leadership:" As people struggle to deal with the mental effects of job loss, the world will increasingly look to other people for leadership. Your sexism is appalling. I thought it was always about the best person for the job. I guess you forgot to mention you thought the best person for any job that is important is always a woman. Where have I heard that kind of ideology before? Oh yeah, early 20th century men.... Also, Rod Brawn, hilarious commenting name....

Rod Brawn
8/11/2009 11:14:01 PM

As a fifty five year old male in Canada's Southwestern Ontario political what I have witnessed in several areas of late in which I have tried to become employed, is that while the genders of those who are employed in the higher levels of public education, and journalism, for example, is that women who have advanced into the management areas of these professions are just as ruthless, and more willing to use their politically correct power in the new paternalistic sisterhood as the men they have replaced. It is sort of a get-even mentality. Has gender equality increased? Perhaps! has the level of kindness in human organizations improved? I would say not from where I sit. There were rules in the male game, but feminine ascendors to such places of influence don't care to play by them. So those who would wish to get ahead in the more female-dominated hierarchy, simply need to know better how to navigate the Female game.

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