Russian Judge Orders Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is essential to human survival, a Russian judge has ruled. “If we had no sexual harassment, we would have no children,” said the judge, the Telegraph reports. And if we had no older bosses impregnating younger female employees (in this case, the defendant was 47, the plaintiff, 22), maybe we wouldn’t have as many premature babies, either. Perhaps we can find middle ground by encouraging same-age sexual harassment? 

The judge’s ruling demonstrates a desire to increase Russia’s population by any means necessary, and puts Russian women uninterested in sleeping with an aggressive boss or coworker in a precarious employment position. International observers laughed when a Russian governor gave citizens a baby-making break last fall, but this latest procreation push lacks humor.

8/18/2008 9:29:23 PM

I'm calling it........if this is in the news and is true, it will be a Saturday Night Live skit soon.....

8/16/2008 10:32:51 AM

Woohoo, I'm punching up my resume and renewing my passport! Can't wait to start interviewing for 'secretaries' :)

Heidi Girl
8/15/2008 8:57:34 PM

is it a coincidence that the ad to the right of this blog is "Find Your Russian Beauty Today...browse photos now. JOIN FREE!" This creeps me out. I wonder how the judge feels about his wife, daughters, sisters.............

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