Secret Government Documents Left On Train

| 6/11/2008 5:26:34 PM

Top-secret government documents outlining confidential information about al-Qaeda were accidentally left on a train in Great Britain, BBC News reports. A civil servant apparently left them there accidentally, before the papers were found by fellow passengers, who turned them over to the BBC, who turned them over to the police. “Such confidential documents should be locked away,” said Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the powerful Home Affairs select committee, “they should not be read on trains.” And they definitely shouldn’t be left there. 

It reminds me of the trailer for the upcoming film by the Cohen brothers, Burn After Reading:

Burn After Reading trailer
6/11/2008 7:19:18 PM

My first thought was "were they REALLY ACCIDENTALLY left on the train or were they purposely left there to make it look like they were ACCIDENTALLY left on the train...."

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