Shovel-Ready Stimulus Reporting

| 2/18/2009 12:12:57 PM

In our continuous search for helpful reporting on the stimulus package, we’ve discovered ShovelWatch, a joint effort by investigative news organization ProPublica, morning news program The Takeaway, and New York public radio station WNYC.  This highly-recommended website features accessible, detailed, and down-to-earth information on the most relevant components of the stimulus, including a state-by-state spending breakdown, a detailed list of stimulus provisions, and an interactive U.S. map that shows how infrastructure money will be dispersed.  Also includes a handy aggregate of updated reporting on the stimulus from around the web.  The website is still evolving, so check back regularly to watch where the money goes.

Sources: ShovelWatch, ProPublica, The Takeaway, WNYC



2/20/2009 4:21:31 PM

I,m curious. WNYC,ProPublica, The Takeaway and Shovelwatch-- are any of these groups affiliated with a political party or are they completely "independent"?