The 2008 Election Is Your New Bicycle

| 3/19/2008 11:54:43 AM

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It’s been a month since the Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle phenomenon swept the internet. It was quickly linked to by blogs at the New York Times, the Politico, Time, the Economist, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, and many others, including this one. The site was started by Matthew Honan, a freelance writer and contributing editor for Wired magazine. Since then, the idea has taken off, with spin-off sites for many of the major players in the 2008 elections. Here are a few:

Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle

  • The “New Bicycle” crowd goes negative, mostly filled with jokes about her being ornery
  • My favorite: “Hillary Clinton Hates This American Life”

John McCain Is Your New Bicycle

  • Not funny
  • Just one static message: "John McCain (Still) Isn't Going Anywhere"

John McCain Is Your New Jalopy 

  • Mostly simple old-person jokes, but still amusing
  • My favorite: “John McCain Fell Asleep on the Bus and Missed His Stop”

Ron Paul Is Your New Bicycle

  • By far the strangest of the bunch
  • My favorite: “Ron Paul Is Pretty Sure the Guy Across the Street Is CIA”

George Bush Is Your New Bicycle