The Hot New Item on Craigslist: Obama Victory Rally Tickets

| 10/31/2008 4:43:48 PM

Tickets and plus-one privileges to Barack Obama’s election night rally in Chicago’s Grant Park are a hot commodity on Craigslist, even though no tickets have been issued yet. Rally-goers had to sign up for free tickets to the event online and were promptly notified by email that they were either waitlisted or would receive their ticket, with the option to bring one guest. Tickets are supposed to land in in-boxes some time before Tuesday.

Hopeless, waitlisted supporters and opportunistic likely ticket holders have both made their way to Craigslist to hawk and bid on the yet to materialize goods. Some are simply selling the tickets they expect to receive for as much as $400, while others are offering more creative swaps, like these:

I am offering to bring as my guest to the Obama rally anyone who can offer any sort of real, prospective employment, internship, and/or networking opportunities.”

Will trade my soul, slightly used with some tarnish, for 2 tickets to the Obama rally.”

I am willing to trade notre dame football tickets (in the student section which is really fun) for the last two games.”

"Get free ticket when you abandon Christianity or any other faith and become atheist/agnostic ... If you are already atheist/agnostic or if you are not going to abandon your faith please, bid $350+ for the ticket. Proceeds will go to non profit."

12/8/2008 11:51:48 AM

I went through and seen a lot of these offers for tickets were really just ploys to get you to go to some website. I had reported most of them to however craigs hitmen couldn't get rid of em all, there were just too many people doing this. When a deal seems too good to be true, it most certainly is.

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