The Punk Dad Manifesto

One parent’s struggle against the man, the machine, and cul-de-sac fascism

| July-August 2011

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    Paul Hostetler /

  • punk-dad-manifesto

This missive was found in the mailboxes of the members of the Marigold Gardens Homeowners’ Association on Wednesday morning. We have substituted the @ symbol to depict hand-drawn, encircled capital letter A’s used in places throughout the document. 

Let it be known: 

We do not recognize the authority of your crypto-fascist Homeowners’ Association, whose pantsuited army rules illegitimately through fear and intimidation.

The Anarchy flag will NOT be removed from the balcony of 38 Marigold Court (hereon forthwith referred to as “Rebel Commune”).

Until the day the fire department extends its ladder across the cul de sack [sic] and breaks solidarity with us, in no doubt threatened with loss of their jobs by the appointed thugs supported by your bake sales and tricky trays, proudly will it flap as the last banner of true freedom in our sub­division.

Rebel Commune will make NO promise that children left for playdates will not return with their hair colored with unsweetened Kool-Aid and moussed into fake mohawks. Thank your petty gods for the mercy we show in not getting out the clippers and sending them home with REAL ones.

9/28/2015 8:26:36 AM

What a joyful and humorous comment on living in a conservative and homogeneic community. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Now we need an equivalent black culture equivalent:I'm thinking of the likes of meshell N'degoncello, Erikah Badu P-Funk and cats like Miles, Charlie, Monk...What a great world it would be if we fuzed all that crazy music all together. Love you mister Plunk!!!

Thomas Pluck
7/22/2011 1:29:14 PM

I love the illustration drawn to accompany this.

steve eatenson
7/22/2011 6:11:32 AM

YES! Encouraging free thought and action is far too neglected in our so called free society. If you don't use it, you lose it. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting a job in White Collar America, tatoos, punk hair and wild clothes will get you a thanks but no thanks. Better encourage the kids to be plumbers, electricians, diesel mechanics and welders ..... more honest and often better paying jobs anyway! Oh, and lose the marijuana, most trade association jobs drug test these days.

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