The RNC’s Bash-Obama Bash

| 2/21/2008 3:00:58 PM

Obama picThe ever-snarky Wonkette offers a hilariously offensive analysis of the GOP machine’s strategy to target Barack Obama if he wins the Democratic presidential nomination. It’s a satirized version of actual plans laid out at the Republican National Committee’s “winter retreat” in Beverly Hills.

Morgan Winters

Image by S.L. Wilson, licensed under Creative Commons. 

3/28/2008 2:33:31 AM

The Republican National Committee (RNC), and all Republicans, are carefully, quietly watching Democrats and salivating over the chance to easily take down Obama in a general election. All Republican patriots are eagerly laying in wait to bring his many verifiable and abundantly documented weaknesses into the mainstream media, to attack and destroy with ease. A primary vote for Obama is a general election vote for McCain, and anyone who is aware of this can go exploit it.

2/21/2008 4:06:50 PM

I didn't find the Wonkette piece hilarious at all. Say what you will about the RNC, the fact is they have a history of being very skilled at attacking and defeating Democrats and the strategy the RNC has outlined for taking on Obama is likely to be a successful one.

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