UtneCast 27: Greg Palast Part II: The Theft of the 2008 Elections

| 1/12/2010 1:26:20 PM

Tags: Stealing elections Greg Palast Rigth Wing, How the right wing steals elections, how the right wing tried to steal the 2008 election, 2008 election voter fraud,
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Armed MadhouseIn this episode, you’ll hear the second half of Leif Utne’s interview with Greg Palast, the investigative reporter for BBC television and author of the bestselling book, Armed Madhouse. In it he discusses the US attorney scandal, the battle between the neo-cons and Big Oil (hint: the industry is winning), and the real environtal effects of high oil prices. And he uncovers what he says are the White House’s plans to steal the 2008 election.

And Keith Goetzman reviews the latest album from acoustic guitar virtuoso Glenn Jones, titled “Against Which the Sea Continually Beats.”