Wendell Berry on Ideas over Ideology

By Gracy Olmstead, from The American Conservative

The farmer-novelist Wendell Berry discusses politics, faith, land, and economy.

The Long Shadow of the CIA at Guantánamo

By Lisa Hajjar, from Middle East Report

Dissecting the U.S. government’s justification for indefinite detention.

Corporate Personhood: Why It’s a Good Thing

By Kent Greenfield, from Washington Monthly

Citizens United was a bad decision, but the cry of “Corporations are not people!” isn’t helping fix the problem — in fact, it’s making it worse.

Birth of a Whistle-Blower

By Richard Porton, from Cineaste

An interview with Laura Poitras, director of the Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour about Edward Snowden.


Be Afraid: A Review of "@War"

By Chris Bray, from Bookforum

@War charts the nefarious union of Big Data and Big Surveillance.

Destroying What Remains

By Dahr Jamail

How the U.S. Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic.

First to Scorch the Earth: Sherman’s March and American Military Ethics

By Matthew Carr

Sherman’s march during the American Civil War represented a critical break with wartime convention, one that would have a lasting effect on strategic military doctrine.

Getting a Glimpse of Life on Death Row

By Mario Marazitti

An Italian journalist evaluates life on death row and the American penal system as an outsider.