First to Scorch the Earth: Sherman’s March and American Military Ethics

By Matthew Carr

Sherman’s march during the American Civil War represented a critical break with wartime convention, one that would have a lasting effect on strategic military doctrine.

Getting a Glimpse of Life on Death Row

By Mario Marazitti

An Italian journalist evaluates life on death row and the American penal system as an outsider.

Utne Q&A with John Donvan of Intelligence Squared

by Soli Salgado

John Donvan, moderator of the Intelligence Squared debates, speaks with Utne Reader before the series' 100th debate.

American Poetry: Walt Whitman and the Songs of Ourselves

By John Marsh

How one American man’s poetry affected the future of his country.


War Porn

By Peter Van Buren

Hollywood and War from World War II to "American Sniper"

Uprising of ISIS: How the Jihadist Group Became a Household Name

By Loretta Napoleoni

The recent uprising of ISIS can be attributed to its focus on fear propaganda and implementation of technology to both recruit members and disperse threats to the public.

The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap

By Matthew Harwood

Why the cure for lone-wolf terrorists will be worse than the disease.

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