Letter to a Young Army Ranger (from an Old One)

By Rory Fanning

Why the Global War on Terror shouldn’t be your battle.

In Pursuit of Happiness but Not Better Employment Benefits

By Claude S. Fischer

Author and sociologist Claude S. Fischer attempts to discover why Americans are reluctant to seek better employment benefits and catch up to their European counterparts.

Why No One Remembers Those Who Struggle for Peace

By Adam Hochschild

It’s time to break with tradition and honor anti-war protestors in pursuit of the struggle for peace as well as veterans.

American Torture — Past, Present and … Future?

By Rebecca Gordon

The Senate torture report could be the beginning of the end of American torture but only if we don’t waste the opportunity.


The 1960s: Malcolm X at Oxford University

By Stephen Tuck

In the winter of 1964, Malcolm X, one of the most notorious African American revolutionaries, was invited to speak at one of England’s most prestigious schools, Oxford University.

No Escape in the Gaza Strip

By Jen Marlowe

Activist and filmmaker Jen Marlowe shares the story of a family who lost their house — twice — and continues to live in constant fear in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

Violence Against Women Lacks Constitutional Remedy

By Jessica Neuwirth, excerpted from Equal Means Equal

Jurisprudence demonstrates dire need for Equal Rights Amendment.

Time to Limit Corporate Rights?

By Jeffrey D. Clements

Corporate rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court until the "personhood" granted corporations rivals that of real live people, and corporate influence on government far outweighs that of the average voter.