Violence Against Women Lacks Constitutional Remedy

By Jessica Neuwirth, excerpted from Equal Means Equal

Jurisprudence demonstrates dire need for Equal Rights Amendment.

Time to Limit Corporate Rights?

By Jeffrey D. Clements

Corporate rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court until the "personhood" granted corporations rivals that of real live people, and corporate influence on government far outweighs that of the average voter.

A TomDispatch Interview With Filmmaker Laura Poitras

By Tom Engelhardt

Documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras reveals what she’s learned from Edward Snowden about global surveillance and how our world has changed.

Tuesday, an Arbitrary Tradition

By Soli Salgado

Ever wonder why we vote on an inconvenient weekday?


How Far Is Too Far? The Ethics of Police Spying and Infiltration

By Adam Federman

Recent court settlement raises questions about police spying decades after a UK officer fathered a woman’s child while undercover.

How the GOP Can Better Communicate with Women

By Soli Salgado

Time to abandon stereotypes when appealing to women during elections.

Why the 2014 Midterm Elections Matter

By Soli Salgado

This year’s midterm elections may lack scandal and sex appeal that have historically preceded surprising results, but several issues are at the mercy of 2014’s outcomes.

Fear of the Dangers of Terrorism the Real Enemy

By Tom Engelhardt

Many Americans feel helpless from terror-phobia and support whatever actions the government takes to keep us “safe” from the dangers of terrorism.